On behalf of the entire staff of Aduna International School, I do sincerely like to thank everyone for the prayers and support since our birth year 1994.

We are hopeful that the years ahead will most definitely bring better tidings on our pursuit for Educational Empowerment in Konongo and its surrounding communities.

We have worked tirelessly to perfect the educational system which we started with in 2006 to attain quality and more sustainable educational solutions to leverage on.

It is our desire to inculcate into the Ghanaian child knowledge and good morals. We will be there to make sure it comes to pass. And if it’s your desire to nurture your child delicately, we assure you that Aduna International School will guarantee you same.

We are glad to inform you that we have worked so hard to secure great deals with donor partners locally and abroad to bring greater value to our educational methodology. We are blending cultural values through exchange programs and scholarship for our brilliant but needy students. We believe this will transmogrify the way we impart knowledge onto the Ghanaian child and will inevitably propagate our core educational values to the very ends of Ghana.

In lieu of the above, Aduna Int. School aims at engaging each student’s interest by practical demonstration and by focusing on the student’s output rather than theories. The school has the requisite staff, Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) and advanced IT systems to train your child for a better future.

Do you want a career break through for your child in the years ahead?

Then, my message is: “You are Warmly Welcome to Aduna International School.”

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Location: Behind Konongo-Odumase Senior High School (KOSS)
Odumase, Asante Akyem Central Municipality, Ghana

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