Aduna School provides basic education to children in deprived local communities in order to bring them out of poverty. We are located behind Konongo Odumase Senior High School (KOSS) in Konongo-Odumase, Ashanti Region, Ghana, West Africa.

What We Do

We are an educational institution that has produced lots of well meaning people of all caliber. Quality education is our hall mark.

We do not only provide academic excellence, but inculcate moral values into every child who passes through out hands.

Becoming an academia with pure morals is a fine treasure in the life of the beholder. That is how we at Aduna Int. School define quality education.

Our education is a mixture of both practical and theory whereby the child learns through playing. This form of learning is adopted from the American culture. This is because the fonder


"On behalf of the entire staff of Aduna International School, I do sincerely like to thank everyone for the prayers, and support since our birth year 2006.

We are hopeful that the years ahead will most definitely bring better tidings on our pursuit for Educational Empowerment in Konongo and its surrounding communities..." Read More

Hubert Aduna

Director at Aduna School

Our History

The school was founded as far back au 2006. Since then, we have trained lots of students who have contributed positively to their varied communities they find themselves.

In Ghana today, technology and TV have done worse to the school going child and the entire society. Parents and students spend lots of time on TV watching soap operas and TV programs such as Pragia which do not focus on academic education but inculcates a lifestyle of sexual pleasure into the child.

It has always been our prime motive to produce Good people and not mere good learners. As parents ourselves, we understand the current hard-hearted nature of many pupils due to cultural diversity and social changes.

In spite of all these, Aduna International School, makes sure to produce real future leaders.

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